IDRO51 x PepsiCo Nspire

I'm really happy to announce my new collaboration with PepsiCo Design Innovation. Enjoy the new PepsiCo NSpire, follow it via #LiveNspired #Pepsi #idro51


I'm really happy and honored to be one of the selected artists x the upcoming Comix ‪#‎special‬ #2017 ⚡️️ See you on monday 16 May in ‪#‎Turin‬! Salone Internazionale del Libro (stand S72 ‪#‎comix‬ - Pad.3) ‪#‎salTo16‬ ‪#‎livepainting‬ on custom products with ETNIK + HACKATAO + IDRO51


I'm absolutely thrilled to show off my new #‎collab with ModifyWatches! 
Check out my new #watch #design #collection at 

IDRO51 x iDN magazine / International Design Network

Honoured to be featured in ‪#‎idnmagazine‬ ‪#‎special‬ ‪#‎creative‬ ‪#‎country‬ ‪#‎Italy‬
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Made In Italy” still a marque of sophistication and quality. For a country the very shape of which — a woman’s high-heeled boot — seems to sum up its unique historical relationship with fine art and design, the past, and a perceived need to live up to it, could have become a millstone round its neck. Not so in the case of Italy. From our conversations with seven leading local designers, we get the impression that they are all justifiably proud of their heritage and anxious to forge their own links in a long chain. They have a confidence born of the all-conquering success of their forebears that they, too, have something significant to contribute. ‪#‎idnworld‬ ‪#‎featuring‬: Andrea Guccini | Elisa Vendramin | Artiva Design | vacaliebres | IDRO51 | Francesca Pasini | OfficeMilano
>> IdN v22n5: Promotion & Production Feature

Darkside / New DigitalArtworks by IDRO51

Enjoy my new experimental digital artwork series made in freehand drawing with #Adobe Draw on iPad.
#darksideofidro51 • check it out via #behance -

Inner Nature

Inner Nature is my new personal illustration inspired by my homeland (Abruzzo) and its floral colors and shapes. The artworks was made in freehand digital drawing using wacom tablet intuos3 on Adobe Photoshop. MORE....


Monolith is an tribue to the Dirac Equation "(∂ + m) ψ = 0 " It describes the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement. This sculpture is part of "Parallel Universes" artwork series made in 2015 by IDRO51. More..

Parallel Universes

"Parallel Universes" is a new artwork series created by IDRO51 inspired by the Quantum theory! More.

Listen Your Nature

IDRO51 live painting performance at NaturArte Festival 2015 by Fattoria d'Arte "I Colli" - Lentella (Abruzzo, Italy) check this out! 

Urban Sculpt vol.1

Urban Sculpt is a new materic artwork series inspired by graffiti culture mixed up with aerosol style and my own trippy visions! I'm looking to evolve my art searching into my inner world, trying to keep it real using plastic tools, spraycans, das, acrylic, wood, cardboard and other urban trash connected to streetculture. More pics here!

Wild Tripping vol.2 by IDRO51

WILD TRIPPING // Vol.2 by IDRO51 // Graffiti // Mural // StreetArt // Wallsproject 2015 // Music by Tycho

Featureb on iSupportStreetArt

Honored to be featured by iSupportStreetArt with my new Wild Tripping Vol.2 in the fresh dope posts!

Wild Tripping by IDRO51

WILD TRIPPING // Vol.1 by IDRO51 // Graffiti // Mural // StreetArt // Wallsproject 2015 //

Flavio Melchiorre x Society6

"Fallen Perseids" artwork series 6/6 (2013) , available now on Glicèe Prints, Canvas, Pillows, Clocks, Case &Skin, Wall Tapestries and more.. Check out my shop on

Live performance at Le Bon Marché Paris!

Save the Date///////////////// March 7th - 15pm / Paris @lebonmarche
Pantone Colorwear présentera dans le cadre de son pop-up store au Bon Marché, le 7 mars prochain sa collection capsule en collaboration avec l’artiste italien Flavio Melchiorre.

Wild Tripping Graffiti

WILD TRIPPING  // Graffiti // Mural //  StreetArt //  Wallsproject 2015 // Pescara (Metropolitan Area) ITALY
Tnx to Nacho x enjoyed this wall with me. Check this out!

Panorama Musique / Debut#4 - Mixtape #01

I was commissioned by Panorama Musique (Pescara, Italy) to illustrate with my own hypnotic style the first cover made for the event: Debut #4 - Mixtape #01 by Capibara. More

Pantone® Colorwear - Live performance Pitti Uomo 87

Pantone® Universe Colorwear at Pitti Uomo 87 ( Florence, Italy - 2015 ) 
Live performance painting with acrylics on pantone white jersey cotton and presentation of the new capsule collection "Art Basel" i made recently and exhibited for the fist time in Miami (Dec. 2014)
More photos:

Pantone® Colorwear Capsule Limited Art Basel

Honored to collaborate with Pantone® Universe Colorwear at Art Basel 2014  in Lulu Laboratorium (Miami Beach, Florida. US)  for a Capsule Collection, Exhibition, Wall painting and live performance with the Color of the Year 2015: MARSALA 18-1438.

For more information, visit

PANTONE® Universe @Art Basel 2014

I'm really happy to be part in the upcoming show (Dec 4th 2014) at Lulu Laboratorium (Miami Beach, Florida - US) for the Special Collection by Pantone Universe Colorwear during the amazing Art Basel !!!! 

Enjoy and share my promo video on


After long time spent on my digital tablet i'm trying to get back to basics. Check out my sketch'inight on