I'm really happy and honored to be one of the selected artists x the upcoming Comix ‪#‎special‬ #2017 ⚡️️ See you on monday 16 May in ‪#‎Turin‬! Salone Internazionale del Libro (stand S72 ‪#‎comix‬ - Pad.3) ‪#‎salTo16‬ ‪#‎livepainting‬ on custom products with ETNIK + HACKATAO + IDRO51


I'm absolutely thrilled to show off my new #‎collab with ModifyWatches! 
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IDRO51 x iDN magazine / International Design Network

Honoured to be featured in ‪#‎idnmagazine‬ ‪#‎special‬ ‪#‎creative‬ ‪#‎country‬ ‪#‎Italy‬
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Made In Italy” still a marque of sophistication and quality. For a country the very shape of which — a woman’s high-heeled boot — seems to sum up its unique historical relationship with fine art and design, the past, and a perceived need to live up to it, could have become a millstone round its neck. Not so in the case of Italy. From our conversations with seven leading local designers, we get the impression that they are all justifiably proud of their heritage and anxious to forge their own links in a long chain. They have a confidence born of the all-conquering success of their forebears that they, too, have something significant to contribute. ‪#‎idnworld‬ ‪#‎featuring‬: Andrea Guccini | Elisa Vendramin | Artiva Design | vacaliebres | IDRO51 | Francesca Pasini | OfficeMilano
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