I joined the art group exhibition "Segno(Photography, Illustration, Fashion) 11/11/2011, during the presentation of  Mezzomagazine new issue, at Ottovolte a suggestive restaurant in Francavilla al Mare. The Artists: Giorgio Liddo, Barbara Tucci, Claudia Ferri, Andrea Straccini, Daniela d’Arielli, Francesco Millo Giorgino, Flavio Melchiorre, Luciano D’Andreagiovanni and Augusto Tarantola. Djset by Andrea Gabriele (Clap Rules).

In to the Grove!

The Grove team recently sent me a photo from a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island to celebrate Halloween. If you want to enjoy their energy, check out Grove website and take a look at their awesome products. Tnx again guys for your amazing work and for supporting my art!