Featured on Moloko+

Tnx to Marina Beloklokova (editor at Moloko+) for
featured my work!
Moloko+ Magazine is an independent online project concerning the genre variety of contemporary visual art. The authors’ goal is to share their vision of the world around with the wide audience – publishing the works of modern illustrators and photographers from all over the world. The way to share their emotions and inspiration is about searching and promoting the works that contain deep feelings and passion and mix different styles and techniques.

Featured at Lost at E Minor!

Lost At E Minor is an online publication of inspiring art, illustration, photography, music, fashion, film, and more, featuring our latest discoveries in the ever-changing world of contemporary pop culture. Tnx to Stephanie Yazbek for feature my work. She said : "Melchiorre’s work resembles a trippy magic eye as you get lost in its depth."

Les illustrations épileptique de Flavio Melchiorre!

Artiste italien, Flavio Melchiorre réalise des illustrations jolies mais très épileptique, très beau travail tout de même !

Geekiz Magazine traite de l’actualité de l’art, de la photographie, graphisme, illustrations et bien d’autres domaines. Le blog Geekiz.com est édité par Newyorkiz . Pour tout renseignement, vous pouvez me joindre par mail.

Go go go!! Giro d'Italia - Stage 12

Today the cycling Tour of Italy start from my little city! take a look at Città Sant'Angelo.

20 May 2010 / Stage 12: Citta Sant'Angelo - Porto Recanati 206 km
With the route now taking the peloton north there will be a feeling among the riders that they are finally heading for home, but there remains well over a third of the race still to go. After the rolling roads of inland Abruzzo, today the riders take a long flat road up the coast for 100km before heading inland and completing a loop and finishing in the coastal town of Porto-Recanati. A flat day with little to trouble the riders, a short, sharp climb 11km from the end might encourage an attack, but the probability is we will see the third bunch sprint of the week.

Featured in Spot The Tiger!

Spot The Tiger invited me to illustrate the Question of the Week : Should inheritance tax be scrapped?

Spot The Tiger is an independent project started by Michael Corbett-Reakes with help and support from Aisling Musgrove of Goldsmiths Debating Society. This is a place for debate and social innovation where culture not politics unites us.

Mike has introduced my work with this post: "Now this really is potent stuff – rich and dense and alive with intent! – theres a kind of magic eye / op art grabby-ness that plays with depth – you got mystic symbolism and surreal overtones that add a buzzy trippy-ness – and theres a pop art flatness and an 80s palate that give this work a big loud sharp confident nowness!"

Enquire: we are born to be curios!

Thank you to Luca Taccardi (editor) for feature my work on ENQUIRE. It is just another magazine about design, archicteture, music, art, photography, trends and much more. Everything that would be considered curious and interesting for us is here, enjoy.

Hot Item: GroveMade Artist Series iPhone Cases

Grove iphone case reviewed by Kendrick Daye (editor at Art Nouveau Magazine)


Tnx to Evan (editor at IPPM) for this nice words about me: "Flavio is a talented and capable dude, and we’re happy to show you his work"!

IPaintMyMind is a Nonprofit Arts and Culture Web Magazine and Art Advocacy Organization. IPMM is a source for real perspective, not the pre-packaged entertainment we’re commonly sold. You can be sure that the reason we feature something in the webmag is because we think it’s fantastic. No sales diagnostics, no surcharges or hidden costs – IPMM’s role is to expose people to inspiring art, music, and culture, that’s it.

Grove: Handcrafted Functional Art

I'm very happy to be part in Grovemade artist series. Now you can buy my "Wild Things" iPhone case engraved, available in 3 different colors. Buy now online!!

Grove is a design collective based in Portland, OR that is dedicated to creating products that bring art into your everyday life. Their first product is a bamboo iPhone case engraved with designs from their artist series or a custom design of your choosing. Clever packaging is made from bamboo left over from the carving process and is intended to be used as a picture frame after un-boxing.

Featured in Worldsofartwork

Tnx to Kriza (blog editor) for featured my works in Worldsofartwork. She wrote a very funny article about my art!

Interviewed for Ipsepixel

Great pleasure to be
interviewed on Ipsepixel
. Tnx to Leo and all staff! Translate this article here.

Friday Quick Links!

My work
was featured on "Patter Pulp" in their friday inspirational tabloid. Pattern Pulp is a web forum devoted to tracking ideas and emerging trends that expose, celebrate, share and connect pattern design across all creative platforms.

Obras em Mini!

My Mini artworks was featured on Petiscos por Jiulia Petit (from Brazil).
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