Online showcase. DigitalArts Magazine.

My artwork is now featured on digitalarts website! Thank you again.

Join in Design Taxi

Thanks to Eileen Lee for invited me to join in Design Taxi Network.

Join in ArtAssociates

Thanks to ArtAssociates for taking me on board. I'm represented now by this creative art consultancy. I'm coming Netherlands!!

Out now! Taschen- Illustration Now! 3

Finally i received my own copy of taschen illustration now!3 I'm honoured to represent italy, because i'm the only italian artist published in this volume. Thank you again to Julius Wiedemann and Steven Heller for featuring my work in this amazing book.

MINI car wraps project

I'm happy to be part in the new TCH project (thecoolhunter) called Mini car wraps. This is my artwork. Hope you enjoy it!

Join in Margarethe Network

I'm very happy to be represented now by Margarethe International Illustration a network of international artists. Thanks to Margarethe for giving me this opportunity.

"YES" - New Personal Artwork

Too many times in the course of history the word "yes" has carried out military actions, conflicts, executions and other denigrating acts towards humanity. On the contrary, in as many circumstances this word has been determinant in the safeguard of life. In 2009 the assertion "yes" acquires a value of worldwide kind.This artwork evokes immediately a message of pacifist hope through the colours and the iconographies within. "Yes", peace is possible, and maybe art can really contribute to its victory.


Mezzomagazine is a new freepress released in Pescara, featuring Metropolitan Lifestyle, Culture, Art, Music, Events and much more. Honored to be featured in this issue with a new artwork inspired by number four. A great thank you to all the staff. More info online.


This is my new personal artwork, inspired by the beautiful world of Coco Chanel.

Featured. DigitalArts Magazine.

Honored to be featured in DigitalArts Showcase of this month.

Coming soon! Taschen- Illustration Now! 3

Thank you to Julius Wiedemann (editor) for featuring my work in this book. Illustrator Now3 presents a dazzling selection of groundbreaking work by 150 of the world's most exciting illustrators from 30 countries.

Digitalarts! Coming soon, stay tuned!

Thank you to Johann Chan (art director) for featuring my work in DigitalArts Showcase (october'09). Cover by Elisa Sassi.

Celebrate Originality Award

500 creative portfolios sended, 14.000 online visitors (from 56 country) with only 2 days! (Read More)

Finalist at Celebrate Originality 2009

I'm one of 15 finalist at Celebrate Originality (art contest sponsored by Adidas Originals & Vice Magazine. Video interview here.

Featured on Fashionunited

Thank you to FashionUnite for featured this article about my artwork. FashionUnited is the world's leading business to business cross media fashion platform enabling fashion professionals and companies to make their activities more fun and efficient.

FashionUnited is an independent trade organization operating world wide, crossing borders and cultures, optimizing the industry's way of working. Our activities are based on and driven by cross media services using opportunities this fast dynamic world offers. The main target is to make the fashion industry more fun and efficient by using the one-stop-shop services, including trade news, job databases, executive recruitment, directories, network tools, narrowcasting, e-business, e-markets and events.

OILILY Creative Studio Challenge 2008

This is the artwork that made me win the 1st Prize of the Contest.

Presentation book New Media Design

Presentation event in LUDAS (ex cinema Oberdan) Mantova , Italy. April 19th, 2008.

New Media Design is a publication edit by Sometti Editore and curated by Alberto Cecchi.

Presentation of FEFE PROJECT#2

My artworks published in the 2nd issue of FEFÈ Visual Magazine. May 2007 in Rome. "Where do you want to go?" "As far as possible" is the dialogue that inspired 25 visual artists. More info here.