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Thanks for featured my works on Magfolio
. It was created to share and disseminate art, urban or not. At the beginning it was just a plan cybernautic despejávamos elements where no purpose to be made or taken seriously, with time horizons began to expand and we are becoming more curious and we extend our horizons.

Unstoppable speak about my Art

They say: Art that somewhat reminds me of the dogs playing poker painting. Meaningless? Probably. Mixed imagery? Definitely. But I sort of like it. I think as long as you try hard not to imagine the other people who like this kind of stuff, the art itself is pretty good. Context tends to destroy modern art, so maybe it’s best to view this in a vaccuum. (unstoppable)

Straight up Italian dopeness!

Thank you very much to Eric G. Giroux (Editor) for featuring my works on Sneakhype. It's an online lifestyle magazine that aims to feed you with daily inspiration. From art to kicks to watches to clothes to architecture to… anything that is original, eye-catching and thought provoking — that is Sneakhype.

Is Flavio Melchiorre The New Keith Haring?

Thank you for this article by Kendrick Daye (Editor in Chief for Art Nouveau Magazine, An-Mag.com and Creative Director of Nouveau Media): Let me introduce you to Italian illustrator Flavio Melchiorre. Flavio creates these densely-layered vector style abstract works. I love it, but can help but be reminded of Keith Haring. What do you think? Is Flavio Melchiorre the new Keith Haring?

Join in Viziomag

VIZIOMAG is an independent publication by graphic arts, photography, stop-motion, street art among others. It was founded in July, 2008 by Andresi Gutierrez [Bolivia].

Endless, Potential Evolution!!

My works are linkedup on
GizMag in webmag#96 issue. GizMag is weekly web magazine full of cool design stuff. A new issue is published every weekend. Every 3 months a free PDF is published including handwritten interviews and artwork. GizMag is not just about the latest and newest, but about the coolest and greatest stuff!


Thanks to Vincent for blogged my works on
Diskursdisko, it's a space about pop art style from germany.

Blogged on Design in Europe

I'm very happy to be featured on Design in Europe website. It's brings you a selection of the best well-designed personal, experimental and corporate sites from the European union.

Original Tripping

Thank you to Sven Quandt (editor) for featuring my works on Creative crossing. It is a online platform for designers, artists and for all people they are interested in these fields. Creative crossing delivers art and design related news, articles, events, competitions and resources. cc offers therefore an insight into the latest developments in the wide-diversified areas of art and design.

Modular's Abstractions

Complex abstract pattern featuredon DesignYouTrust.

Featured on FattidiChina

Thank you to Enzo Rosato (editor) for featuring my work in this awesome online magazine "Fatti di China" n°11, focused on graphic design,illustration, art, music and fashion.

New artwork - carnival inspiration

This is my new artwork, made for my agent Margarethe!

Featured on Tutor Art

Thank you to Bruno Ricardo (editor) for featuring my work . Tutor Art website provide daily/weekly inspirations on graphic designs, photographs, videos, 3D designs and much more.