Complex World!

Enjoy my new complex creation! Zoom and details on my behance, take a look!

An artist's drive to win (featured in DigitalArts)

Thank you to DigitalArts for features my Ds3 creation in their december issue.

Digital Lover on Art Nouveau "Bold" issue!

Just received my own copy of Art Nouveau "Bold" Issue.
Thank you again to my friend Kendrick (editor) for invited me to share my work in this amazing Fall Issue! Enjoy and buy it!

It's Snow Time!

I woke up this morning with a surprise!! It's Snow Time!

Featured: Graphics Alive2 by Victionary

Just received my own copy of Graphics Alive2 (full colour 272 pages) edited by Victionary (Honk Kong) . I've some project featured in this amazing book. Buy (on IndexBook) and Enjoy it!

Coffee break with Affaritaliani!

Tnx to Maria Teresa Melodia (Journalist & Blogger) for featured my work on Affaritaliani. It is an online newspaper with all the latest news about politics, economics, finance, sports, news, art, culture and shows.

Here the article in italian. (for the english version read here)

Motorshow 2010

Here some photos by the official Citroen's press conference and my amazing Ds3 from the 2010 Bologna Motorshow

Bologna i'm coming!

I will be in Bologna the 2nd of December at the Citroen stand (pad. 29) for the official presentation of my customized DS3.

The roar of engines for the 2010 Bologna Motor Show: The Opening of the 35th edition of the International Motor Show is scheduled for December 4th. It will start with the usual prologue: the 2nd of December dedicated to the press and December the 3rd for press and traders as well. Almost all the Italian car market will be present at this Motor Show premium edition. Bologna has been chosen by many car exhibitors as place to launch their new models.

New release: Graphics Alive 2!

Tnx to Victionary (Honk Kong) for invited me to take part in Graphics Alive2. It's been a real pleasure for me!
This volume features works by top designers that breathe life into graphics. I can't wait to see my works in this amazing book!

Wild things feat. Status Mag!

My Wild Things skin by Grove is been featured into the new issue of Status Mag "tech pack" section! Status Mag is a full size bi-monthly magazine focused on inspiring the next generation.

"We focus on articles and people that would grab the attention of the youth and get them addicted to the YOUTH culture. Status sees no boundaries on the influence it can create and the inspiration it can give. Passion, talent and courage unite our readers to walk the road less traveled. Status also highlights the latest fashion, gadgets and technology that keep readers in the know of what’s going to happen next." (StatusMag)

How trends & creativity become contagious!

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.

Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today's pop culture. "Influencers" belongs to the new generation of short films, webdocs, which combine the documentary style and the online experience.

Ironic news from!!

Tnx to Damaride, Giulia, Giovanni, Alessandra, Saverio from for featured this funny article about my recent award winning! Exibart is the most important source of information, analysis and debate on art's world in Italy! Enjoy it!!

This article is ironic about the last declaration of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says the tradition-laden Italian automaker would be better off without Italy and its balky unions, provoking an angry reaction Monday from some labor and government officials.

Interview: DigitalArts Magazine

Thank you to Neil Bennett (editor of DigitalArts) for features my Ds3 creation with a nice online interview! DigitalArts is the UK's leading magazine for creative professionals across graphic and interactive design, illustration, animation, motion graphics and visual effects.

TASCHEN Diary+Calendar 2011

It's a very honor to be showcased in Taschen Illustration Now!3 Diary and Calendar 2011. This series continually brings you groundbreaking work by the world's most exciting illustrators, the perfect gift for the year you make it happen!

Featured on Think!!

Thanks to Think
for helping me to spread the word! It is a Milan based ispirational blog focuse in art, design, fashion all filtered through the mind of Luca Gentile (the dude behind Think and BigChief toys!)

News by "Il Tempo/Abruzzo"

This is a press article by "Il Tempo" about my recent victory in the prestigious "Citroën Creative Awards" 2010. Ps: "Angolano" is the synonymous of my home town "Città Sant'Angelo" called in ancient time from Latin "Angolum"! revoir Paris!

Here some photos about my fast but wonderful trip in Paris!

Making of! (customization of my DS3 CITROËN)

Enjoy the hard and amazing work behind the customization of my DS3 CITROËN! Take a look!

Video interview - Citroën Créative Awards

Enjoy the official video interview and also the Q&A for Citroen Italy!

1st Prize Citroën Créative Awards

I am pleased to announce that I am the lucky winner of the first international contest "CITROËN Créative Awards 2010" (customization of Citroën DS3 dashboard and roof) which involved more than 700 projects from all over the world. Thank you to all the jury and the Citroën staff. More info on

Cover+Interview in Art Nouveau "Bold" issue

Thank you to my friend Kendrick for invited me to share my work for the new Art Nouveau's Fall Issue entitled "BOLD" (Cover 2/4). Also featured in this issue are interviews with Alex Gross, Bilal, Blaine Fontana, Erik Mark Sanberg and Dragonette in addition to fashion stories by Shannon Sinclair, Kendrick Daye, Que Duong, Nikita Gale and more. Now you can buy and preview it!!

artefatto 2010 catalogue

Featured: Sodium Magazine n°3

Thank you to Luis Pinto (Editor-in-Chief) for featured my works in Sodium Magazine issue n°3. It is an online magazine, a space for those working on visual arts to showcase their work so others can see it.

Sodium Magazine proposes itself to be a source of growth and motivation, an influence on the sense of taste and a source of illumination in the way it proposes to showcase the work of young creative's from several distinctive areas, bringing it to light.

Behind The Cover Of Art Nouveau

"Flavio Melchiorre was the first artist I contacted about contributing work to the Fall issue of Art Nouveau. The Italian based artist had just emailed me his latest work. It blew me away of course. Here is a snippet of my interview with Flavio." (Kendrick Daye: editor in chief)

Coming soon! Candy World!

Is a real pleasure for me to take part in Youth art exhibition Artefatto 2010 – Candy World is a project by the Department of Education, Universities and Research of the Municipality of Trieste in collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Direction of the Civic Museums of History and Art. The exhibition will take place from Saturday 18 september to Sunday 3rd October 2010 in five exhibition halls in the city of Trieste. For further information


In summer 2009 I went in Lisbon (Portugal) with my girlfriend for a journey through the beauty and melancholy of this wonderful city.

Today I missed this enchanted city and the magical music of Madredeus has helped me to relive it. This is a clip from "Lisbon story " a film directed by Wim Wenders in 1994. Enjoy it!

Featured: Cover ArtNouveau Magazine - Bold issue!

Dropping Septebmer 30, 2010, the Fall Issue of Art Nouveau draws cover art from Alex Gross, Flavio Melchiorre and more.

The Fall Issue of Art Nouveau is anything but timid. That’s why called this one BOLD. For the first time, an Art Nouveau issue will have four separate covers. For cover 1, Los Angeles based fine artist, Alex Gross, shows us his latest series of work Discrepancies, We catch up with singer/songwriter Bilal for cover 2, New York based socialites and eye designers Coco & Breezy shoot for cover 3 and Italian fine artist Flavio Melchiorre is introduced in a special piece by Editor Kendrick Daye for cover 4. Also included in this issue are interviews with Dragonette, Turf One & Blaine Fontana, eight eye popping fashion editorials by Kendrick Daye, Shannon Sinclair, Nikita Gale and more. Of course there’s more, but you just have to see it.


"Flavio Melchiorre, an Italian graphic and creative designer, has been posting these abstract patterns on his site for a couple years now. There’s no telling where his inspiration comes from on these, but …they’re amazing. Personally, I think they’re screaming to be made into something. Hmm." (Unstage editor)

Unstage is a daily updated blog dedicated to showcasing the best artists, graphic designers, illustrations, short and longform films, architecture, photography, fashion, music and gadgets.


Here some photos made during painting process of Algoritmi (2008) - 140x100 acrilic on canvas.


This is a shot of my artwork (100x70 cm on canvas) inspired by Panperfocaccia's logo, commissioned for it opening. It is a new sandwich shop opened in Pescara, they serve the freshest amazing sandwiches in town. Every sandwich is called by a city name. From London to Caracas, enjoy your taste!

Tips'n Trips photos

Here some photos from my past solo show at "
La cantina di Jozz" in Pescara. Thank you to my friend Alessandro and all the jozz staff for enjoyed my art!

Latest Abstract Patterns Are Trippy!

Tnx to Art Nouveau Magazine for featured my latest artworks summer trip!

SUPERSKIN iPhone by Bodino

This is my SuperSkin made for the new Bodino issue. The front and rear sides of the iPhone 3G/S® and 4 are protected by a thin gel skin. The skin is washable and secure. Using patented adhesive materials from 3M, these SuperSkins can be removed easily, without leaving any residual material on the iPhone®. More info on

Summer Trips!

I'm so excited to introduce you, my new summer series! I've spent my last two months creating my new tripping collection.
10 fresh hypnotic artworks: Cuzco,Pucci ,Saudade ,Tropical garden,Dirty Violet ,Nubaroque,Deep Sea,Horus,Azulady ,Nephertiti. Enjoy it!

Flying Deck on Creative Review!

Tnx to
CreativeReview team for featured my new Flying Deck in their feed section.

Spot the tiger, end of project!

It was a real pleasure taking part in
Spot the tiger. This is an independent project started by Michael Corbett-Reakes with help and support from Aisling Musgrove of Goldsmiths Debating Society. Spot The Tiger is a place for debate and social innovation where culture not politics unites us. This is my artwork exibited in the group show "Who's In Charge? " at Dreamspace Gallery in London! A coalition of 52 emerging and established graphic artist and their response to some of the biggest social Issue of our times. Mike invited me to illustrate the Question of the Week : Should inheritance tax be scrapped?

Featured in Angolum!

Thank you to Denia Di Giacomo (editor) for feature my work in Angolum. It's a periodical publication released in my city featuring Culture, Art, Politics, Events and much more. Everything that would be considered interesting for all the community!

Custom keds for women available now!

& Dirtyviolet custom shoes (The original Keds Champion mini slip-on sneakers for woman, customized with a superb pattern . Cute and comfortable, these shoes are a true wardrobe essential.) Choose your style and enjoy it!

Flying Colours n°4 Customized Skateboard!!

It's a very pleasure for me announce my new cool creation! Whether you’re doing grinds on the half-pipe or kickflips in the street, this competition shaped board has supreme pop! My new deck are made of the best quality hard-rock maple and with our one-of-a-kind printing process; you get the best skateboard available in the world. This board is still available in my Zazzle store for $59.95

Featured on Etoday!

It is my great pleasure have my work featured on Etoday. This is a russian online magazine providing daily news and essential information from the world of fashion, film, technology, sports, music, celebrities, design and architecture.

Grove iphone 4G - Available now!

Grove are releasing a 4G iPhone case. They have been working on a design for several weeks based on all the leaks there have been. Available now for pre-order! Check out my "Wild Things" 4g cover.

Who's In Charge? - Invite

It's been a real pleasure to take part in Spot the tiger. This is the invite for the upcoming show at Dreamspace Gallery in London! You're invited to Who's In Charge? A coalition of 52 emerging and established graphic artist and their response to some of the biggest social Issue of our times. Spread the word!!

"Wild Things" iPhone 3G case x Grove!

I've finally received my own engraved grove case iphone 3g! Enjoy it and buy it online!

Featured at Partfaliaz!

Tnx to Antoine (editor) for featured my work on Partfaliaz. This is a personal project about visual inspiration. Started in February 2007 and based in Paris, France, Partfaliaz is gathering different graphic informations and links that might be useful to professional creative people. The graphic blog, updated about 5 times a week, presents and archives portfolios mainly about illustration, photography, graphic design and motion design. As an inspiration site crossing graphical cultures and trends, Partfaliaz is bilingual (French/English). Stay tuned for new fresh artists portfolios!

September 2010//Upcoming!! Candy World in Trieste!

I'm very happy to announce this upcoming event and my involvement. More than 150 artists for a Candy World!
The Department of Education, University and Research of the City of Trieste, in collaboration with the Department for Culture and the Office for Culture and Municipal History and Art Museums organize the project “Artefatto”. This initiative, promoted by the City of Trieste, aims to foster young talents and to promote young art productions, consists of a collective exhibition to be held in September 2010 at various exhibition venues in the city of Trieste. More info online!

Interviewed for Pattern Pulp!

I'm very happy to introduce my new
online interview. Thank you so much to Rebecca Silver and Shayna Kulik (editors) for enjoy my work! Pattern Pulp is a web forum devoted to tracking ideas and emerging trends that expose, celebrate, share and connect pattern design across all creative platforms.

July 2010//Upcoming Group Exhibition in London!

Spot The Tiger exhibition will take place at Dreamspace Gallery in London. The show will run in July. I'm very happy to announce this upcoming event and my involvement. 12 months, 52 emerging and established graphic artists from all around the world, some of the biggest social issues of our time. More news asap!