"Flavio Melchiorre, an Italian graphic and creative designer, has been posting these abstract patterns on his site for a couple years now. There’s no telling where his inspiration comes from on these, but …they’re amazing. Personally, I think they’re screaming to be made into something. Hmm." (Unstage editor)

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Here some photos made during painting process of Algoritmi (2008) - 140x100 acrilic on canvas.


This is a shot of my artwork (100x70 cm on canvas) inspired by Panperfocaccia's logo, commissioned for it opening. It is a new sandwich shop opened in Pescara, they serve the freshest amazing sandwiches in town. Every sandwich is called by a city name. From London to Caracas, enjoy your taste!

Tips'n Trips photos

Here some photos from my past solo show at "
La cantina di Jozz" in Pescara. Thank you to my friend Alessandro and all the jozz staff for enjoyed my art!

Latest Abstract Patterns Are Trippy!

Tnx to Art Nouveau Magazine for featured my latest artworks summer trip!

SUPERSKIN iPhone by Bodino

This is my SuperSkin made for the new Bodino issue. The front and rear sides of the iPhone 3G/S® and 4 are protected by a thin gel skin. The skin is washable and secure. Using patented adhesive materials from 3M, these SuperSkins can be removed easily, without leaving any residual material on the iPhone®. More info on www.bodino.info