Featured: Cover ArtNouveau Magazine - Bold issue!

Dropping Septebmer 30, 2010, the Fall Issue of Art Nouveau draws cover art from Alex Gross, Flavio Melchiorre and more.

The Fall Issue of Art Nouveau is anything but timid. That’s why called this one BOLD. For the first time, an Art Nouveau issue will have four separate covers. For cover 1, Los Angeles based fine artist, Alex Gross, shows us his latest series of work Discrepancies, We catch up with singer/songwriter Bilal for cover 2, New York based socialites and eye designers Coco & Breezy shoot for cover 3 and Italian fine artist Flavio Melchiorre is introduced in a special piece by Editor Kendrick Daye for cover 4. Also included in this issue are interviews with Dragonette, Turf One & Blaine Fontana, eight eye popping fashion editorials by Kendrick Daye, Shannon Sinclair, Nikita Gale and more. Of course there’s more, but you just have to see it.